Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program!
Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program! Athletes posing after posing class!

Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program

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Calling all Bikini, Wellness, Figure & WP competitors, are you ready to master your posing and presence?

Then my Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program is the answer!

For the past decade, I’ve been guiding athletes through all divisions, from Bikini to Wellness, Figure, and WP, helping them perfect their posing routines and stage presence.

Many of them have walked away with enough trophies to fill the largest of trophy cases!

If your goal is to skillfully and confidently command the stage, then my Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program is your golden ticket to rocking the stage!

With my comprehensive coaching package, you’ll develop the swagger and skills needed to showcase your hard-earned physique like a pro!

Get ready to take center stage and own it like never before!

Register today and let’s make your competitive dreams a reality! It’s time to step into the spotlight and command every stage you walk onto!

Payment Options
  • Easy Pay To The Stage
    • Easy Pay To The Stage $425.00 4-Easy Pay Plan: Start with $425 today, then three more installments of $425 spaced 30 days apart. Total: $2125, saving you $300



🌟 Welcome to The Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program! 🌟

Whether you are a Bikini, Wellness, Figure, or WP competitor, I can help take your posing and presence to new heights!

Here’s what you get with  my Dynamic Center Stage Mastery coaching package:

– Dive deep into the art of posing and presence with 16 hours of personalized coaching with IFBB PRO & Posing Guru Shawn Hektor Lewis

– Enjoy flexible coaching platforms: choose from 1-on-1 sessions, virtual on-demand coaching, or join my popular Sunday with Shawn Group Workshop

– My coaching sessions are 1-hour long and can even be split into convenient 30-minute sessions

– Experience personalized coaching in your preferred setting, whether it’s in My Studio, via Skype, or through What’s App

– With virtual on-demand coaching, simply upload your posing videos to our secure BackStage Pass Posing Portal and receive prompt feedback—no scheduling conflicts, no driving, no hassle!

– Upload your show day routine videos (before and after pre-judging) for immediate feedback, ensuring you’re stage-ready

– Join my monthly Sunday with Shawn Group Workshops

– Unlock additional benefits with our Mastery Coaching Package! Enjoy a $75 Competition Suit Rebate, plus save $503 by bundling your posing sessions

– I typically charge $125 per hour of posing; this exclusive Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program package offers exceptional value, allowing you to elevate your performance without breaking the bank

– Plus, enjoy the flexibility of no expiration dates on coaching sessions—they never expire and can carry over from year to year!

Ready to master the art of posing and presence?

Join my Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program today! 🏆

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1 review for Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program

  1. Shelly Fraser

    As a novice competitor venturing into the world of bikini competitions, I found myself overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. That’s when I discovered Shawn’s Bikini Mastery Coaching Program, and it completely transformed my journey! Right from the beginning, I felt supported and encouraged. Shawn understands that everyone has to start somewhere, and she meets you exactly where you are. She breaks down the complexities of posing into manageable steps, making it easier to learn for beginners like myself. What impressed me the most was the convenience of working with Shawn. Shawn offers multiple platforms for coaching, including one-on-one sessions, virtual coaching, and her Sunday with Shawn workshops. This flexibility made it easy for me to fit coaching into my busy schedule. Thanks to Shawn’s coaching, I’ve gained confidence and readiness to step onto the stage. I am not as polished as I would like to be but I am definitely 100% better than when I started. I highly recommend that you hire Shawn-shes professional, a great coach and she knows her stuff!

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