IFBB PRO Jennifer Lynch dazzling on stage in a fully-encrusted Shawns Couture Cuties Exclusive Luxe Bikini competition package, exemplifying poise, glamour, and confidence.
Shawn's Stage Ready Group Posing Workshop
Center Stage Mastery 16-Hour Posing Coaching Program!
IFBB Bikini PRO Brandi Lewis-Reed showcasing the Exclusive LUXE Bikini Competition Package
Infiniti Show Day Package: Your Bikini Competition Secret Weapon.
IFBB Wellness Olympian Devyn rocking the Elite Performance PRO 7-Hour Posing coaching program
Sparkle and Shine 1- Hour Posing Coaching Session
Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session

Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session


Step into the spotlight with my Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session!

Are you prepared to rock on stage?

Your posing and presence speak volumes to the judges, defining why you should stand out among your peers—it’s that crucial.

So, give them a compelling reason to fix their attention on you by showcasing your hard-earned physique, ensuring it shines at its best.

That’s where I come in—to help you outshine the competition.

Together, we’ll uncover your most captivating angles and perfect your most powerful poses, laying the groundwork for a winning routine that leaves a lasting impression on the judges.

Register today for my Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session!


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    • Posing Monthly Subscription for less $97.00 Pay $125 Today & $97 Per month cancel anytime



Introducing the Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session—an essential choice for athletes aiming to refine their routine and enhance their strongest poses and angles.

Here’s why it’s your golden ticket to posing perfection:

– **Tailored Coaching**: Benefit from 1-hour of personalized posing and presence coaching with IFBB PRO & Posing Guru Shawn Hektor-Lewis

– **Flexible Options**: Choose from 1-on-1 sessions, virtual on-demand coaching, or join our popular Sunday with Shawn Group Workshop

– **Customized Duration**: Coaching sessions are conveniently offered in 1-hour segments, which can also be split into 30-minute sessions to suit your schedule

– **Versatile Platforms**: Enjoy coaching sessions in-person at My Studio, or virtually via Skype or What’s App—your preference matters

– **Convenient Feedback**: Easily upload your posing videos to our secure Backstage Pass Posing Portal and receive prompt coaching feedback

– **24/7 Access**: With virtual on-demand coaching, upload your videos anytime, anywhere, eliminating scheduling conflicts and commuting hassles

– **Show Day Support**: Upload your show day routine for instant feedback, ensuring you shine on stage

– **Group Workshops**: Join our monthly Sunday with Shawn Group Workshops for added guidance and camaraderie

– **Exclusive Rebate**: Receive a $10 Competition Suit Rebate with the Star Posing Plan

– **Lifetime Benefits**: Coaching sessions never expire, allowing you to carry over unused sessions from year to year

Ready to shine, glitter, and star on stage?

Don’t miss out—register now for my Sparkle and Shine 1-Hour Posing Coaching Session and command the stage with confidence!

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